China League Hacking Announcement 中国创客联盟公告

创客上海HackShanghai 是中国最大的校园创客马拉松组织,对过去两年取得的成绩,我们感到自豪,更心怀感激。然而,每年只有数百名大学生能够享受创客上海的平台并不能让我们满意。今年,创客上海将重组为中国创客联盟 China League Hacking,为数十万大学生开发者提供优质的创新平台。因此,我们正式宣布取消12月第三届创客上海创客马拉松活动。与此同时,我们正在与多家国内外知名企业合作筹备新的比赛和报名平台,报名平台将在今年11月下旬至12月开启,之前已经报名的参赛者资料将直接保留并发放新平台比赛资格。感谢所有大学生开发者们、高校和企业的支持和关注,敬请期待。

HackShanghai has been the largest Collegiate Hackathon in China for the past two years. We are very proud and thankful for what we have achieved. Nevertheless, we could only provide this fascinating platform for several hundred college students each year, which does not fulfill our ambitions. In this regard, HackShanghai will be restructured into China League Hacking this year, providing an even better platform for thousands of hundreds of college students around the world. We hereby announce the cancellation of HackShanghai 2016 Hackathon, and will reopen our registration channel for China League Hacking in late November/early December. Candidates who have submitted their applications for HackShanghai 2016 Hackathon will be automatically considered for China League Hacking. We thank all hackers, programmers, and innovators, as well as universities and corporates for their continued supports.